Mission, Vision & Strategy


In the words of our founder and director, Mr. Solomon Boateng:

Our mission is to bring smiles to the faces of the children in the Nsoatre area.


Our vision is to make it possible for every child in the Nsoatre area to be able to grow up in a healthy environment where they can be educated and trained, so they are able to contribute to the Ghanaian society and take care of themselves and their personal family once they are adults.


We provide care for the children of poor families and for handicapped children.

We provide a home for orphans.

We provide boreholes for the villages in the Nsoatre area.

We construct medical facilities for basic healthcare (CHPS compounds).

We construct buildings for KG, Primary Schools and JHS and assist in renovations and repairs.

We provide vocational training to the young people of Nsoatre, so they can work a job and provide for themselves and their families.