In remote villages without access to healthcare, we have built clinics (CHPS Compounds) for better healthcare and especially to get the death rates down for mother and child while giving birth. After the construction of a clinic is completed, it is officially handed over to the regional directorate for healthcare of the Ghanaian government. The government is employing a nurse to each of the clinics that we have built.

Each clinic contains a ward, a delivery room, an office and a living unit with shower and toilet for the nurse. Also a toilet unit is being built behind the clinic for the patients. We also have provided the furniture for the clinics as well as a motorbike for transportation of the nurse and patients if needed. Where needed a borehole was also drilled in the vicinity of the clinic.

Since the start of our work, death rates because of bad health care in those areas have gone down to 0.

So far, we have built clinics in the villages of Kwabenakuma, Aduonya, Adae-Boreso. Kwantaso, Kantro and Nkran-Ketewa.

Nsoatre Hospital

Because of improved healthcare in the Nsoatre area, more and more patients from the villages are directed to the main clinic at Nsoatre because the needed care could not be provided by the nurse. This has increased the pressure on the staff of Nsoatre clinic. The clinic was run by a Physician Assistant until the second half of 2020. In 2019 the leaders of Nsoatre have approached the Ghanaian government with a request to upgrade the facilities to a Hospital and also assign a doctor to the facilities. In the last months of 2020 a doctor was assigned. Also our foundation was requested to assist with the construction of needed facilities for the hospital. Construction of the first buildings has started in early 2021 and will take 3 to 4 years to complete.

The following image gives an overview of the planned facilities. Besides construction of the new facilities (1-5), also renovation of the existing structures is planned.