Children’s Home

In our Children’s home we now have 17 children. The youngest are in primary school and the oldest are at College and University.

The children are being cared for and raised by home mother Mercy and home father Emanuel. Mercy and Emanuel live in the Children’s Home together with the children.

Manager Juliet is in the Children’s Home during week days. She keeps and eye on everyone’s well-being, has the main contact with our director Solomon about maintenance and other needs, will be the main contact for new children in need of a home, and is also responsible for our guesthouse and the guests.

We are vey blessed to provide a happy home for the Children that are entrusted in our care.


Mercy was born in Ivory Coast in 2004 where her parents had gone to work. In 2006 her family received the message that Mercy’s parents were killed in the civil war in Ivory Coast. A Ghanean man brought Mercy back to Ghana, where she ended up in Nsoatre. In January 2007, Mercy was accepted in our Children’s home as the first child. Mercy is current studying science in class 3 of Senior High School and hopes to graduate by the end of 2021. After that she hopes to be admitted to University.


Joseph was born in the village of Akrobosua, about 7 km from Nsoatre. In 1997 Joseph’s father started to behave strangely and tried to kill his family. The mother fled to Nsoatre with her children. In Joseph’s mother was one of the first people to work in our daycare as a cleaner. Because she and Joseph were living mostly in our daycare facilities, Joseph was accepted in our Children’s home when it officially started in 2007. Joseph hope to graduate from Ada teacher college in 2021. After his year of national service he hope to become a teacher. He hopes that the government will station him at Nsoatre, so he can also assist ‘uncle’ Solomon with the work of our foundation.


Martha was born in 2002. In 2005 her mother passed away while giving birth to another child. After that it did not go well with her father who was a wood cutter and was killed in 2007 when a tree fell on him. When Martha got sick she was brought to the hospital where she was left alone. The hospital staff contacted our staff and she was admitted in our Children’s home in 2007. She is finishing her vocational training as a seamstress in 2021 and we are helping her to start her own shop in 2022.


George was born in 2002. His mother passed away in 2003 after which his grandmother took care of him. His father went to Libya and Morocco to provide for a living. While trying to reach Spain by boat, the boat sank and his father drowned. When George’s grandmother was to old to take care of him, she requested our Children’s home to take over the care for George. George was admitted in 2007. After successfully completing Senior High School, he has started his studies in Geography and Meteorology at Winneba University of Education in 2021.


Benson was born in 2001. His father was admitted to Sunyani hospital for issues with his kidneys in 2006. Unfortunately he passed away. His mother who had some mental problems, disappeared in 2007. Because nobody was taking care of Benson, he was admitted in our Children’s home in 2008. Benson has started his studies in finance and accountancy at Winneba University of Education in 2021, after he graduated from Senior High School in 2020. Benson wants to become a bank manager.


Sarah was born in 2000 in Obuasi, Ashanti region. After her father travelled to Nigeria in 2003 to visit his family, he did not return. The news was brought that he was killed by robbers. In 2004 her mother came to Nsoatre with Sarah. When she travelled to Accra in 2006, she was killed in an accident. Her grandmother took care of her, but this situation became unmanageable. The Reverend of Nsoatre presbyterian church addressed the situation and asked if Sarah could be admitted into our Children’s home. She joined our HFC family in 2007. Sarah is currently in her final year of Senior High School. If possible, she would like to go to Legon University at Accra to study Law.


Clement was born in 2000. His family is from Nsoatre, but his parents lived in Kumasi. In 2007 his father passed away when he fell of a 3 story building during work. His mother was suffering from mental illness and was not able to take care of Clement and his little sister. After his sister died, Clement lived on the streets of Kumasi. A women started taking care of him, however because Clement was not able to handle the situation, he was sent back to his grandmother in Nsoatre. After his grandmother was not able to take care of him anymore, he was admitted in our Children’s home in 2009. Clement has started studying at Ada teacher college in 2021 and he wants to become a teacher.


Amanda was born in 2005 in Nsoatre. Her parents were living there because of work. When her father was transferred to another place, later in 2005 and went ahead, he was never heard of again. In 2009 her mother passed away because of a failed abortion attempt. Amanda was taken care of by a woman who owned the house in which she was living with her mother until then. After the woman passed away in 2009, Amanda became part of the HFC family. She is studying at Nsoatre presby-dutch Junior High School and hopes to graduate there in 2022. Amanda wants to become a hairdresser.


Sarah was born in 2006 in Nsoatre. After her father passed away though an accident in 2006 an her mother died of cancer in 2007 some of her family members were taking care of her. After the death of her grandmother, a member of the Nsoatre community reported her situation to our director who decided to accept her in to the HFC family in 2011. Sarah is currently in JHS 1 and wants to become a hairdresser.


Gideon was born in 2003 at Yendi in the Northern Region of Ghana. His family was related to the chief of Yendi. Because of a conflict between 2 royal houses at Yendi most of the members of these royal families were killed. In 2009 Gideon’s parents were also killed. One of Gideon’s uncles took Gideon and his little sister Lisa to the village of Asikasu in the Nsoatre area and took care of them for some years. Because they came from the north, they did not speak the local language and were very isolated. When the people heard about the situation of the children, they informed HFC and our director took action. Together with the local authorities and ghanean social welfare, they were able to save the children from their situation and in 2012 they were admitted in our Children’s home. Gideon is finishing his last year at Nsoatre presby-dutch Junior High School in 2021. He wants to continue with vocational training to become a plumber.


Lisa was born in 2006 at Yendi in the Norther Region of Ghana. She is the younger sister to Gideon. She came to the Nsoatre area together with Gideon and their uncle. She became part of the HFC family in 2012. Lisa is in her first year of Nsoatre presby-dutch Junior High School. After she finishes school she wants to become a business woman.


Rachael was born in 2003 in Nsoatre. In 2007 her mother was admitted at Sunyani regional hospital while she was pregnant. Unfortunately an operation was not able to save her and she passed away. In 2010 Rachael’s father travelled to Libya to try to reach Europe. After the changes in Libya in 2011, nothing was heard from her father again. During these years her aunt took care of her, but unfortunately she passed away in 2012. A teacher of the ‘Sacred Heart Senior High’ took the care for Rachael upon her, however this lady was transferred to another place after a few months. The SHS staff contacted our director and Rachael was admitted in 2012. Rachael is finishing her studies at Senior High School in 2021. After finishing she wants to continue studying at University to become a nurse.


Hannah’s family is from the north of Ghana. In 2001 her parents migrated to the village of Akrobosua near Nsoatre. In 2003 Hannah was born. After her parents travelled to the north of Ghana for a family visit in 2010 nothing was heard of them again. During such times of travelling, Hannah was taken care of by the old chief of Akrobosua and his wife. After the death of the chief’s wife in 2011 it became more difficult for him to take care of Hannah. In 2012 she became part of the HFC family. Hannah is finishing her studies at Nsoatre presby-dutch Junior High School in 2021. She want to continue to study at SHS and University to become a doctor.


Stephen was born in 2005 in Nsoatre. His father was from Nsoatre and his mother came from the Volta Region. When her grandmother died in 2011 she returned to the Volta region but because Stephen’s parents were not married, his mother was not allowed to travel back to Nsoatre. In 2012 Stephen and his father moved to the village of Addae-Boresu about 10km south-east of Nsoatre. In 2014 Stephen’s father passed away after he had become addicted to alcohol that he was brewing himself. Stephen had to take care of himself and became a beggar. In 2015 a family member of our director Solomon heard of the situation and informed Solomon. HFC decided to take care of Stephen and he was accepted in our Children’s home in 2015. Stephen has started his studies at Nsoatre presby-dutch Junior High School in 2021. Stephen is a very good football player and want to become a professional.


Prince was born in 2001 in Nsoatre. His father died from Cancer in 2007. His mother passed away in 2012 from typhoid. His uncle decided to take care of him, however it turned out Prince was forced to work hard for his uncle. When Prince tried to run away, his uncle tried to kill him. After the police and social welfare became involved, Prince was brought to the HFC Children’s home in 2015 to be free from his uncle. Unfortunately Prince got very sick and needed to be brought to the hospital at Kumasi. It turned out that Prince was very sick because of the way he had been living for a long time. For several weeks Solomon was with Prince at the Kumasi Hospital and Prince almost did not survive the sickness. By the Grace of God, Prince recovered and after 2 months he was allowed to go back home to Nsoatre with Solomon. Prince graduated from Senior High School in 2020 and has started his studies in ICT at Winneba University of Education in 2021.


Augustina was born in 2012 in Nsoatre. Her mother is from Nsoatre. Her father is from Larabanga in the northern region of Ghana. Her father was originally a muslim, however he converted to christianity when he married Augustina’s mother. When he returned to his family in 2016 for a funeral of a family member, he got sick and died. Later Augustina’s mother was informed that her husband had been poisoned. In 2017 she was diagnosed with cancer and soon after she passed away. Augustina’s grandmother started taking care of her and her sister Esther until she also died in 2019. After social welfare took responsibility for Augustina and her sister, they were admitted to the HFC Children’s home. Augustina is attending primary school at Nsoatre.


Esther is the younger sister of Augustina and was born in 2014 in Nsoatre. She was admitted to the HFC Children’s home in 2019 together with her sister. Ester is attending primary school at Nsoatre.