We find it very important that every child in the Nsoatre traditional area has the possibility to go to school. Therefore we construct buildings for daycare (KG), primary schools, Junior and High Schools. We also help renovating buildings of existing schools where it is needed.

Since 2003, we have built:

  • A 2 story building with 2 primary schools at Nsoatre.
  • A Junior High School at Nsoatre.
  • A KG, primary school and Junior High School in the village of Aduonya, approx. 15 km north of Nsoatre.
  • A KG and primary school in the village of Nkran Ketewa approx. 10 km south of Nsoatre.
  • A Senior High School at Nsoatre. The Senior High School provides education in General Science and Agriculture. Because of the available facilities, the Agriculture department has a big practical component to it.

Through the years, we have also been able to assist in the renovation of several schools in Nsoatre town to improve their facilities to an acceptable standard and we have provided new furniture to several of these schools.

Teachers for all schools are being paid by the government. The foundation has an agreement with the boards of the school about maintenance of the buildings and makes sure agreements are being kept.

ICT Training

In 2021 an ICT training center is constructed at Nsoatre, which will provide ICT training for students of all Junior High Schools in Nsoatre. This project is prepared together with Maxim Nyansa Foundation. The ICT center is expected to be operational in 2022.