Vocational Training

Since 2018, we have started projects to provide vocational training in different areas. This vocational training is connected to the Presby-Dutch Senior High School and is primarily located at the SHS compound.

Our Vocational Training programs do not necessarily align with the official Government program. We find it very important that Vocational training is focused on hands on practical training, although part of the training includes theoretical training.


We have started in September 2018 with a group of 140 students which signed up for the subjects in which they want to be trained. These subjects cover the production of many different crops and animals. Since 2018 this training is in high demand as we were able to admit between 150 and 200 students per year.

Wood processing

We are preparing to start a vocational training for wood processing. To support his, we are preparing a site with a full production chain for production of products from wood. We expect our facilities to be available by early 2022 when a team will start production. We expect to be able to admit students by mid 2022 and the first group to start their vocational training by September 2022.

Future plans

We are developing plans to also have vocational training available in the following areas: Electricals, Plumbing, ICT, etc.