There are several different ways in which you can participate in the work of Heart for Children Ghana Foundation.


Are you interested in volunteering for Heart for Children Ghana?

We are happy to receive volunteers from all over the world!
Volunteering options can be helping in the following areas:

  • Assist in our daycare.
  • Assist in our daycare for handicapped children.
  • Assist in the Children’s home.
  • Assist in a Clinic or in the Nsoatre Hospital. This requires medical qualifications.
  • Assist in a primary school. This requires teacher qualifications.
  • Maintenance.


Are you a student looking to go to Ghana for an internship? Our foundation has been approved for Dutch students in the area of Social Welfare internships. We also facilitate internships with one of the schools related tot he work of our foundation. We are always open to investigate the possibilities for other types of internship together with you.

To host volunteers and interns, we have a guesthouse with 4 rooms and space for up to 8 people on our compound in Nsoatre.

For inquiries about availability and costs, please contact Judith Pultrum. She is a board member of our Dutch sister foundation Kinderhulp Ghana who is responsible for coordinating voluntary workers and interns.


We are also facilitating for groups of volunteers up to 30 people who want to visit for a period of 2 weeks to help on one or more ongoing projects. If you and your group are interested in an exiting holiday time in Ghana as volunteers, please contact Judith Pultrum from our Dutch sister foundation Kinderhulp Ghana.


You are welcome to donate to the work of our foundation.

If you are from the Netherlands, please have a look at the website of our Dutch sister foundation Kinderhulp Ghana and donate your tax deductible gift through them.

Others donations are welcome using Paypall. Please see the on our home page to donate.


Organizations in Ghana that are interested in partnering with us can contact our director Solomon Boateng.

Organizations in other countries that are interested in partnering with our work can contact one of the board members of our Dutch sister foundation Kinderhulp Ghana.