What we do

Our goal is to help the people (and especially the children) of the Nsoatre traditional area to improve their lives by assisting in key areas of life. We have identified the following 4 key areas:

Social Welfare

We are helping the poorest children by providing a daycare for the youngest, so they can have a great start of life just like any other child. Currently around 225 children are visiting our daycare where they are taught, have a great time to play and receive 2 meals every day.

We provide a daycare for handicapped children. At the moment about 15 children are cared for. Each of these children has been identified with a physical and / or mental handicap. The children are assessed by a Doctor every month. Where possible we also provide for operations to improve the life of these children.

We have established a children’s home where at the moment 18 children are cared for. Each of these children come from a situation where their parents have passed away and their family was not able to take care of them. The children are coming from different areas of Ghana. In recent years we increased our capacity and we hope to welcome more children in the near future.


The base of a good health is access to clean drinking water. Therefore we have been drilling boreholes for the villages and communities in the Nsoatre area. Since 2009 we have been able to provide more than 20 boreholes, which provide clean water to more than 15.000 people in the area. We continue to provide boreholes to the community with 2 or 3 per year.

We have also been able to construct 6 CHPS health clinics in the area. This will make it possible for everyone in the area to access basic health care within less than 1 hour walking distance. The Ghana Government is stationing a nurse at each clinic, so continuous healthcare is provided to the community. We continue to locate communities which are lacking this basic health care.

Because basic health care is provided through the CHPS clinics, the pressure on the Nsoatre clinic has increased in recent years. In 2020 the decision was made to help the Nsoatre community with upgrading the facilities of the clinic to an official hospital. In 2021 construction of a new Consulting building and Maternity clinic have started. These facilities will be used from the start of 2022. The Ghana Government is providing an Operating Theatre and a Recovery building. In the coming years the hospital will be extended with 3 wards for Children, Women and Men as well as an upgrade of the existing facilities to cater for specialists to provide their care for the people.


We believe it is essential for every child to be able to take part in the education that is needed to reach the goals the child set for themselves. Our goal is to provide education from the KG level up to Senior High School for all children of the Nsoatre area.

In 2021 an ICT training center is constructed at Nsoatre, which will provide ICT training for students of all Junior High Schools in Nsoatre. This project is prepared together with Maxim Nyansa Foundation. The ICT center is expected to be operational in 2022.

Employment & Vocational Training

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime and provide for others. We believe the best we can give the people of Nsoatre is to train them in a trade of their choice. Therefore, we have started a Vocational training center in 2018.

Since 2018 we provide vocational training in Agriculture to local farmers. Farmers are invited to sign up for different courses. Each course covers growing specific crops or animals. Every year around 200 farmers are trained. This training has been very successful and production for these farmers has significantly improved in quality and quantity of their produce. This year the Agric vocational training has drawn the attention from around the country. The result is that our teachers are asked by other organizations to teach them how to set up a similar training center in different areas of Ghana. It is a great joy to participate in such activities.

We are preparing to also start a vocational training for wood processing. The goal is to start such training in 2022. Currently construction of facilities is going on and equipment is purchased and prepared in the Netherlands to by volunteers of our sister organization Kinderhulp Ghana, to be sent over by the end of 2021.

We have the intention to further extend our work in this area with vocational training in electricals, plumbing, ICT, etc.