Nsoatre Area

We are working in the Nsoatre Traditional Area, Bono Region, Ghana. Ghana is a country in West Africa, located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Guinea. Its capital is Accra. The second largest city is Kumasi. The city of Sunyani is the capital of the Bono region. Nsoatre is located about 15 km west of Sunyani.

The following image shows the traditional area of Nsoatre, which means it is ruled over by the chief of Nsoatre.

The following image shows Nsoatre town. Within Nsoatre town we have 3 compounds owned by Heart for Children Foundation:

  • Main Compound (HFC) at which Social Welfare projects are located
  • SHS Compound at which SHS and Vocational training are located
  • Wood Vocational Compound

The Presby-Dutch schools are located in the marked area. The bigger marked area is the location of the Nsoatre Hospital.

The following image shows the Northern part of our target area. The projects in this area are primarily located in and around the village of Aduonya.

The following image shows the Southern part of our target area. This area has many villages in which we were able to assist by providing facilities.